Celebrate 10 years of Soundsysters with us!

The feminist soundcrew Soundsysters has been promoting and empowering flinta* in the field of sound engineering since a decade in and around Berlin and beyond. We are happy to invite you to a celebration of music and feminism in SO36 on the 7th October 2023! The evening will include bands, solo performers and dj-sets.

SoundSysters started in 2013 when Lola and Eddy met at the first gig they worked together and shared the experiences they had made on their long way to become sound engineers.

At this moment they decided to create something new together:

A strong sound crew of women, non-binary, and trans people to find a way to inspire, learn, and empower one another!

After years of constant networking and establishing a method through live sound workshops, we managed to create a network of awesome sound people.

At the moment we are 15 kick ass sound engineers that are collaborating and working together as the SoundSysters crew!

Parallel to working together as professional technicians, we give workshops and try to integrate the new workshop participants: After several intense workshop weekends we encourage them to do small sound set ups together. For this, we run an email-list where we share all the sound support requests from political and social initiatives. We accompany the sound-newbies in their first steps to the real sound world. At the same time, we try to sustain the non-commercial, community building event scene.

We believe that together we are stronger, more confident, and happy!